Saturday, 22 January 2011

Beach Glass

One of the outstanding features of Beachcombing on the Thanet Coast is there is always something to find if you put your mind it. The entire coast like the rest of the UK is a mass of natural history items from the marine environment , natural to a specific area like sea shells for example. Another interest are the historic items that can date back centuries that can be picked up just casually walking on the main sands. One fine example is sea glass or cullet as it is generally known. Some areas of the Thanet coastline have it in abundance, and on certain winds and tides after unsettled weather it is very easy to pick up. Margate main sands is a fine example and this clip from Youtube even though it is from a far and distant beach many miles away in another country typify the finds are what I would expect to find on Margate main sands. In fact I have done exactly that and have built up a almost identical collection. The useful thing about about this clip is that explains how to date pieces of beach glass by the necks. On other youtube clips it is interesting how some people look at beach glass with a artistic eye making interesting jewellery and artistic designs.

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  1. Great collection! Just announced this week. The national sea glass festival will be held in Long Branch, NJ on 10/8-9 of 2011.