Sunday, 19 July 2009

Welcome to Margate Historical Society

Welcome to the first blog from us all at Margate Historical Society. Our aim is to bring you all the Society's historical archives, and to save this and more for the future to serve as a comprehensive history of Margate, Kent.

We will be launching a complete collection of 'Margate in Pictures' and the link to this will be posted here soon as well as a dedicated website. Please save this blog to your Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts and spread word on the fabulous history of Margate far and wide.

This picture from 1874 (note the sheep: a very environmentally friendly way of cutting the grass we think). Holy Trinity Church, Margate

For you today we bring you Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Square Margate (Demolished). The Foundation stone was laid in 1825 by Dr Manners-Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury designed by Architect Mr William Edmunds of Margate. 1829 the Church consecrated by Dr William Howley, then Archbishop of Canterbury; with a Bell purchased from Thomas Mears. It was hung for ringing in a frame 9’ 6" high! In 1943 The church was bombed. The bells and contents survived as the bomb failed to completely destroy the building. Services continued in the church hall for some time, but in 1956 Services transferred to St Mary’s Chapel, Northdown Park. In 1957 building work for a new church was started by the architect, Harold Anderson. The Old Building was demolished in 1958.

Through this site we would like to collect all your memories and information about each picture, location, building we publish, so if you have anything that relates to Holy Trinity Church (now demolished), attending the Church while still open, living in Trinity Square, working in and around Trinity Square, Trinity Hill, then reply or post a comment and we will try to include your memories in the archive. If you have items you want to donate then send us your contact details and we will get in touch as soon as practical.

Over the next months we will re-publish the Margate Historical Society articles and will be publishing many special pictures for you to see. If you would like to join the Margate Historical Society, please contact us and we will send you a subscription form and dates for your diaries.


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